CII Awards

Why to Apply

Benefits for all applicants

  • Access to CII Enterprise Innovation Maturity Framework, developed by CII – a self-assessment tool to understand the level and mode of innovation within the company/firm.
  • Learning about innovation best practices (firm level) by taking part in various stages of the award process.
  • Getting feedback on innovation strengths and weaknesses on various firm level innovation parameters/indicators.
  • Benchmarking the organization among other innovative organizations in India.
  • First-hand information of all innovation related initiatives of CII
  • Fifty per cent discount for advertising in CII Innovation Book 2019
  • Twenty-five per cent discount for exhibition space at Awards Ceremony and at Launch of Global Innovation Index (GII) 2019 in New Delhi

Benefits exclusively for winners of the Awards

  • Recognition as an innovation driven organization among business circles.
  • Branding the business through awards logo
  • Detailed case study in CII Innovation Book 2019 to be disseminated widely to
    • Government
    • Media
    • Foreign embassies
    • Indian embassies in foreign counties
    • Industry and all relevant stakeholders.
  • Promotion through CII’s website, social media and other channels
  • Opportunity for taking leadership role in CII’s National committee related to innovation for driving policy.
  • Complimentary space for exhibition at the Award function