CII Awards

CII Industrial Innovation Awards

The Industrial Innovation Awards aim at helping the Indian Industry in assimilating a structured innovation process through Enterprise Innovation Maturity Framework, a model developed by CII. The Awards while recognizing the champions of innovation among Indian industry, also enhance their competitiveness for the domestic as well as global markets

CII Industrial Innovation Awards were instituted in 2014 to identify and celebrate innovative Indian enterprises across industry segments and sectors. The Awards give an opportunity to companies to shine and be known nationally and internationally for their innovative products and services. In the last five consecutive years, these awards have established themselves as one of the most coveted innovation awards in the country.

The Awards evaluate all kinds of new processes, products, services, technologies, and other types of innovations which have the ability to fuel growth in industry. They also assess new ideas and approaches along with tangible results.

Over the years, CII has formulated an Enterprise Innovation Maturity Framework which forms the basis of assessment of firms applying for CII Industrial Innovation Awards. With this framework in place, firms learn about innovation best practices by taking part in various stages of the award process.

Between 2014 and 2018, CII Industrial Innovation Awards have recognized 127 firms as champions of innovation in their respective industry sectors and segments. These Innovation Awards have also been instrumental in growth of business opportunities for winning firms.